I’m Eva from Hungary,
living right next to the Tisza River.I love this area.
I wake up with the birds tweeting around me in the morning and in the evening time crickets and little frogs are singing me a lullaby.
I’m very lucky to live in this lovely natural environment with my family.
The river is so alive with all the little creatures.
My favourite dish is catfish caught from the local river. The air is so fresh, clean, I love spring especially so beautiful, the whole atmosphere gives me lots of inspiration, energy to work.

When I was a little girl, I dreamed to be a textile designer. I was sewing, drawing, knitting.
I wanted to go to college and learn more and more so badly so one day would be able to do, what I really love for a living, make customized nursery textile, with my own designs.
As a result of a hard work we’re running a family business for just about 9 years now. I love my work every day.
Every day is a new challenge and I try to take advantage of the endless hidden treasures of this craft. All my work is individual, so you can receive a personalized designed quilt, what you dream of and what suits you the best.

I always focus on the high quality and perfect match with your room interior.
Every day is different, as every order and everyone is different, with different needs. From the beginning I follow your idea until it takes shape. In the same time it’s a lovely feeling to be a part of the process to make someone happy and satisfied. If I’m not working on a special order, I have hundreds of new project to recall from my childhood memories and sew them into a beautiful quilt.

I like to design nursery room accessories, because our babies, kids are so precious. It is important to grow up in a nice, balanced home. It is my pleasure to take part the parent’s final touch on the room design.
If I have nice feedback from a family, about they love my quilt, doesn’t matter it’s a pillow, blanket, or a bean bag, because it makes their place special.
I especially love having the opportunity to make something for a newborn. Now you see why I love my work day by day.

Thank you so much for taking your time to read a little bit about me.

Please have a look at my shop, I’m sure your imagination just turned on to have me creating something special for a birthday or any other special occasion.

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